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Antique Needle Lace Filet Tablecloth “God Is Love 1904” Peacock Church Dogs 90 inches

We’re selling an exceptional collection of antique lace, found carefully stored away for decades. Identified as “Mama’s lace from the Old Country” on the bins, the pieces are outstanding quality and in excellent condition unless noted.  Victorian era, late 1800’s … Continue reading

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Victorian FIGURAL Napkin Ring Simpson 3 OWLS Silver Gold

Victorian Figural napkin rings are a joy to collect, display, set a beautiful table! Silverplate, these were produced late 1800’s through turn of the century. Victorians often used silver-plated items for their dining room where dinner was an elaborate social … Continue reading

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Antique Victorian Sea SHELL Art Mirror DRESSER Sailors

We’re delighted to have found an outstanding collection of antique Victorian seashell art that we discovered while treasure hunting on Martha’s Vineyard. If you love decorating with vintage “beach” memorabilia, these are one of the nicest additions you can add to your decor.  From a charming turn-of-the-19th century seaside “Gingerbread … Continue reading

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Antique Child Dish Tea Set 23p Victorian Box RS Prussia

We sell new items in our www.buyconnectibles.com store.  However, our really BIG business is our mostly vintage collectibles in our eBay store at www.connectibles.net.  This is an example of a rare item we picked from a local collector last week.  This a … Continue reading

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