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12 Enchanted Castles of Europe by Danbury Mint in the 1990’s Dunrobin and Hofenzollern Castles

We found a complete collection of “12 Enchanted Castles of Europe” offered by Danbury Mint in the 1990’s. New castles were offered every few months between 1994 and 1997.  Original owner had them safely packed away in storage, all are … Continue reading

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Cottage Lilliput Lane 1994 WOODMANS RETREAT Collector’s Club

We’re have a very large inventory of these beautiful cottages.  Included are Lilliput Lane and Fraser Collectibles. Most are representations of real buildings that exist or existed in the past.  Pictured here from Lilliput Lane id the “Woodman’s Retreat” cottage, … Continue reading

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Miniature Cottage Collecting

Welcome to the world of miniature cottage collecting! We’re delighted to be offering a large selection of nearly 300 items from a discerning and avid collector. Small cottage collections are very popular, and are used to create charming, scenic old world towns in a … Continue reading

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