Fantasia Boxed Lithograph Portfolio Disney Concept Art 50 Images LE 352/500 Mickey Mouse

We’re selling some very special pieces of Disney memorabilia, fresh from a serious collector with a great eye! Highlight of the collection is this FANTASIA BOXED LITHOGRAPH PORTFOLIO #352/500. This special boxed set has long ago sold-out and is extremely hard to find, if at all! It initially was introduced for $1800.

Our set is in new condition in terms of the prints which are pristine and mint. The outer box has a few imperfections (water spots) from storage as shown in photos but nothing that detracts from the magnificent art inside.  Save as a reference library or frame your favorites or even ALL of the 22 lithographs for a stunning wall of art. Each piece is numbered with the 352/500 on lower left and measures 20″ x 16″.

  • On, November 13, 1940, Walt Disney’s FANTASIA premiered at the Broadway Theater in New York. To celebrate the film’s re-release in 1990 for its 50th anniversary, the Disney Art Program created this boxed portfolio of 50 images of conceptual art that inspired Walt and his artists during the making of this animated masterpiece. 
  • The portfolio was designed and its production supervised by Patrick Dooley. Mr. Dooley also worked with David Cleghorn and Esther Ewert with research and review of the film’s original artwork to select images representing each of FANTASIA’s eight major movements.
  • The pieces in this collection, reproduced by Gardner Lithograph in Buena Park, California, were printed on Mohawk Superfine 80-lb. cover in four-color process and duotone. The prints are faithful reproductions of the original art. 
  • Each of the 50 images were reproduced on 22 lithographs. They are placed in protective folders with an introductory essay and narrative explaining the scene, artist and original medium.
  • The portfolio box is covered with Iris bookcloth and stamped in 23-karet gold foil, handcrafted with the highest quality acid-free materials. This collection can be enjoyed for generations to come as it is truly a work of art. 

The FANTASIA Boxed Lithograph Portfolio has been produced in an edition of only 500; you are purchasing number 352/500, authenticity certificate on first page.  Take a look at some of our other Disney memorabilia in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Pullip Sailor Moon Doll 20 Anniversary 2014 Big Eye

pullipPullip Sailor Moon Doll:  In celebration of 20 years of continued success, a dream collaboration has been made reality between high-quality doll company Pullip and the world famous series Sailor Moon.

Characteristic pigtails and soft makeup have been faithfully recreated. You can open and close her eyes and move them side to side.

Includes hair accessories, earrings, compact, Moon Stick.

This Pullip doll is of the heroine Sailor Moon, soldier of love and justice!

It’s evident Pullip took great care planning her outfit because everything from her ornate twintails to knee-high boots is perfect! She even comes with her Moon Stick that she can hold on her own and is so poseable, you can even make her blink! Now is your chance to snatch this amazing collectible sure to be treasured by all Sailor Moon fans!

New, never removed from original box.  Please look at all of our beautiful Pullip Dolls in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Hedda Get Bedda Better AC Whimsie Doll 3 Faces Chicken Pox 1961 VIDEO

Delighted to be offering a wonderful example of this unusual American Character 1961 Hedda Get Better (Bedda) Whimsie doll.
21″ stuffed vinyl one piece body and limbs, three faces instead of the usual one.
Poor sick face has hand painted chicken pox spots; sleep face has painted closed eyes, and the happy face has smile and painted open eyes.
Faces were advertised as “Poor Sick Hedda”, “Sleepy Hedda, and “Happy, All Bedda Hedda.”
Molded hood has a pompom on top which is the control knob to rotate. Was a popular present for kids with chicken pox at that time!
Original cotton pajamas, everything in very good overall condition with light wear.
Works great. Please look at the dolls in our eBay Store Connectibles.  Please see video below to watch her in action:

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Elastolin Lineol 1930s Composite Germany Exceptional Zoo Collection African Lot

Remarkable collection of antique composite wildlife animals along with an African/Egyptian figure. I was going to piece them out but honestly this is dramatic with them all together that I am listing as a collection first.

  • Mostly Elastolin and Lineol unmarked Germany figures, largest is the elephant at 6-1/4″ x 4-1/4″.
  • Condition is consistent with age but overall most are very good. Zebra paint layer has flaking and losses more than the others.
  • Please look closely at photos to see what wear and tear is on them.
  • A very special collection, impressive on display.
  • Includes 1 figure, giraffe, Capybara (I think), elephant, zebra, tiger, camel, lion, lioness, buffalo, horse, leopard, monkey, cat or lion cub set 2.

See these and many other collectibles in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Madame Alexander Vintage 1963 Littlest Kitten 8″ Doll All Original Outfit Beauty Hard to Find

Madame AlexanderPre-owned but this doll is nearly mint and new condition – still has the original MA paper tucked inside her romper sunsuit!
8″, adorable Littlest Kitten’s hair is perfect with bow.
All vinyl, sleep eyes, beautiful face coloring.
Only imperfection is that the yarn on one of the booties has some storage damage and tears as shown.
She has NEVER been undressed, let alone played with.
Adorable addition to your vintage doll collection.

Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander

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Sylvia Natterer Petitcollin Finouche 19″ Brigitte & Baby Doll 2016 France – Video

Sylvia Natterer Petitcollin

Sylvia Natterer Petitcollin

We’re delighted to be offering the first series of artist Sylvia Natterer Petitcollin dolls designed for famed French doll company Petitcollin. Perfect as a special gift for a child, but also have a huge following by collectors. Finouche dolls are 48cm, Starlette dolls are 44cm, Minouche dolls are 34cm, and Bibichou dolls are 35cm. Last photo shows the body styles of the Starlette and the Finouche; you are ONLY purchasing Finouche Brigitte & her baby doll in this listing.

Beautifully and safely made in EU, all are hand painted, phthalate-free vinyl, with sophisticated clothing ensembles. You’ll want to collect them all! New and never removed from original box.

Sylvia Natterer Petitcollin

Sylvia Natterer Petitcollin

In 2016 Natterer released a charming set of new dolls. Featuring here a  Finouche Brigitte with gorgeous red hair, all vinyl 19″ for ages 5+.  As a bonus, she carries an authentic 6″ original Petitcollin classic baby doll of her own, dressed in coordinating outfit!  Baby doll is collectible on it’s own, a style Petitcollin has made for generations. You get BOTH dolls in this set.

Highest quality, easy to clean, safely made in Spain. We have her friends and family listed separately; happy to combine shipping for extra savings!

  • Handpainted face & soft blue eyes, pink cheeks, slightly glossy coral lips
  • Red rooted hair with side part
  • Articulated head, arms, legs
  • Dress is navy cotton with berries print, coordinating blue ballerina shoes with bows.
  • Undergarment is a simple white body suit with elastic trim across neck and shoulders.

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Leonard Paris Couture Mens Silk Tie Italy Fathers Day

Leonard Paris Couture Mens Silk TieLeonard Paris Couture Mens Silk Tie.  We’ve just had an opportunity to obtain the highest quality group of men’s Italian clothing & French boutique accessories from the collection of a fashion-forward male fashionista!  He bought literally thousands of pieces of designer clothing that he never wore, just “collected” them. Unique opportunity for you to add to YOUR wardrobe at a fraction of his original prices. Please look closely at photos for details.
Featuring here:tie2

  • Brand:  Leonard Paris Couture, known for their stunning colorful unique patterns and designs
  • Original Price: $265
  • Item:  Men’s Tie
  • Fabric: 100% Silk
  • Color: Navy Blue Background, jewel tone pattern
  • Style Name or Number:  Taj Mahal & Royal Jewels
  • Size: 59″ x 3-3/4″ at widest
  • Condition: New With Orig Tag

This beautiful tie, plus many others Italian ties are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.


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Sylvia Natterer Artist Petitcollin 2015 Finouche Smilla Doll Made Spain 18″

Silvia NattererWe’re delighted to be offering the first series of artist Sylvia Natterer dolls designed for famed French doll company Petitcollin. Beautifully and safely made in Spain, all are hand painted, phthalate-free vinyl, with sophisticated clothing ensembles. You’ll want to collect them all! New and never removed from original box.  We sold out immediately on our first shipment and then waited 3 months for our second. Once these are gone I’m not sure how long it will take to get more inventory from France so don’t delay and end up disappointed.

Shown here is SMILLA, a 48 cm (18-3/4″) all vinyl doll that has long blonde rooted hair with center part. These dolls are beautifully poseable. .

  • Blue handpainted Eyes
  • Layered long blond hair
  • Articulated head, arms, legs
  • Pink Dress with floral pattern, coordinating shorts underneath
  • Cardigan made of pink jersey with pin bow that matches her hair ribbon
  • White Jersey one-piece body suit with white tights
  • Pink ballerina shoes
  • Pink coordinating felt purse completes this lovely ensemble!

​See the others also, as you won’t want to stop collecting with just one! We have these in stock, in hand, among the first dealers in US to offer them!

Silvia Natterer2Also shown here is an especially pretty Minouche Natalie, a 34 cm (13″) all vinyl doll with gorgeous red hair.  These dolls are highly poseable and she has bent arms which give both a natural appearance and allow her to be posed holding things in her arms.

  • Green handpainted EyesSilvia Natterer 3
  • Rooted Red hair, flip layered style
  • Articulated head, arms, legs
  • Short sleeved pink cotton dress with bubble skirt with embroidered dot pattern. Peter pan collar.
  • Pink felt hat has fun flower on the side.
  • One piece stretchy jersey body suit underneath.
  • White mary-jane type shoes with pale pink socks.

These beautiful Dolls and Others are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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All Things Bakelite: The Invention of Plastics

All Things Bakelite: The Invention of Plastics – a documentary at the Mark Twain Library, Redding, Connecticut.  A little history of this extraordinary substance.

In 1907, a determined chemist named Leo H. Baekeland created a new synthetic substance that could not be easily classified. He called the substance – a synthetic plastic — Bakelite. A provocative documentary on Baekeland All Things Bakelite: The Invention of Plastics will be presented by his great-grandson, Redding’s Hugh Karraker, on Saturday, April 16 at 3 p.m. at the Mark Twain Library.

The film by John Maher explores the life and work of Baekeland, the “father of modern plastics,” who was responsible for one of the most transformative discoveries of the 20th century. The primary source and impetus for this illuminating was Karraker, who is the film’s executive producer.

“I wanted to celebrate Baekeland’s life,” Karraker said. “His invention had a huge impact on our lives, but little is generally known about him.”

The film is indeed a celebration of Baekeland—his genius, his innovation, and of a progressive era in America that defined the nation. Karraker spent over ten years researching his great-grandfather’s life, and had access to his mother’s notes on Baekeland’s meticulous collection of 62 diaries. Karraker brought all this to filmmaker John Maher and the result is an hour-long film that is a both a joyous and a provocative exploration of a subject relevant to everyone.

Maher makes history come alive as he weaves interviews with Karraker and other family members with beautifully realized period re-enactments of Baekeland—seen as a curious boy growing up in Ghent, Belgium, then as a persistent chemist and inventor in New York, and later as an old man reflecting on the toll that running the business of the Bakelite Corporation had taken on his life. Archival footage, intimate family photos, and first-person accounts transport us back to the dawn of the modern age when individuals like Baekeland, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and others led a revolution of innovation with their inventions.

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Vintage 6 Carved Anri Italian German Caricature Cork Bottle Stoppers with Lucite Display

stoppersFabulous collection of six hand Carved Anri Italian German Caricature Cork Bottle Stoppers.  Anri Italy label still attached to the fellow with the hat and green tie. All have necks that tilt.  Combination Italian and German, beautifully displayed and presented in a custom Lucite display case with lift-up door on back.stoppers 2

  • Excellent condition, terrific bar display.
  • Stoppers measure approx 4-1/2 to 5-1/2″ long.
  • Two have solid cork bottoms, others have open cork bottoms.
  • Lucite Case measures 17-1/2″ x 10″ x 4″.

Available in our eBay Store Connectibles.


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