Ezan France Antique Opalescent Art Deco 1930s Fleur 7-3/4″ Glass Bowl Signed Rare

Glass BowlWe’re delighted to be offering one of the prettiest opalescent glass antique patterns I’ve ever seen.

  • Signed Ezan, France circa 1920’s to 1930’s Art Deco period, with glorious rich coloring.
  • Bowl measures 7-3/4″ x 2-7/8″
  • Pristine condition, has been carefully stored for nearly 90 years!
  • Shown under regular lighting on a black velvet background; positively gleams.
  • No chips, cracks, repairs, flea bites – just ready for you to admire. Glass Bowl 2

From the internet research: “It cannot be ruled out that Ezan glass was produced at Choisy-le-Roi, where the finest quality of French opalescent glass of its era was produced. It only takes one look at the opalescent glass by Ezan, to know that it is a glass of undeniable quality and is `up there’ with the likes of Etling, Verlys, and even Lalique.”
Ezan was best known for their production of Art Deco opal table lamps, sconces and chandeliers, but offered very few bowl patterns. Our “Fleur” bowl pattern is one of the harder to find designs, making it even more collectible.  Ezan France Antique Opalescent Art Deco.  This and other collectibles Opalescent Glass can be found in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Franklin Mint 1885 Daimler Replica Model Single Track B11UK64 Wooden Metal Motor Bike Display Case

1885 DaimlerFranklin Mint 1885 Daimler Replica Model. Car or Motorcycle – you decide, has four wheels, but uses the inline wheels to run and provide power. Beautiful craftsmanship has produced this combination Wood and Metal Replica in minute details at a Scale of 1:8. Comes with a nice wooden display case with a plastic cover.1885 Daimler 2

Gears turn so that you can see how it operated and turned the wheel. Display case measures 11″ x 7″ x 5″. The Motorcycle / Car is about 8 1/2″ in length.  This and many other collectibles are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Your Guide to Buying Vintage Womens Hats

What Makes a Hat Vintage?

The designation vintage carries with it much more than simply being old. Vintage certainly conveys a specific era of creation. Yet while some apply the term vintage as simply a reference to the year in which a hat was made, as in a vintage 1955 hat, a hat generally acquires the label of vintage if it is at least 20 years old and is a representative example of the era in which it was made.
Moreover, like antique hats, which are at least 100 years old, vintage hats portray a bit of history. The fabric, decorations, or lack thereof, and the size and shape of the hat are often definitive of a period of time, marking a hat as vintage. So, for example, the pillbox hat of the early 1960s reflects the formal style of that period just as the military influence on women’s hats of the 1940s reflect the events of that era.
The style of a particular designer is another identifying feature that distinguishes a hat as vintage. As each notable designer created hats during a particular time span only, and in a very characteristic manner as well, these hats are indicative of the period, making them vintage.

Why Buy Vintage Women’s Hats

The reasons for buying vintage hats are numerous and based on individual preference. For collectors, the worth of vintage hats may be in their embellishments, which often evoke a unique aspect of the hat’s era. Another highlight for collectors is in the fame of the hat’s designer, with the value of designer hats determined in part by the designer’s renown and in equal measure by the rarity of the hat’s design. The simple desire to add a new element to an existing collection frequently presents an additional reason for collectors to purchase vintage hats.
For those making a fashion purchase for their own use, one consideration is that vintage hats offer craftsmanship in the construction and details of the designs that is difficult to find in contemporary hats. An additional factor for those planning to wear the vintage hat is the ability to purchase a hat that is one of a kind, thereby making a personal fashion statement.
Furthermore, for those interested in environmental factors, the green aspect of purchasing a vintage hat, rather than a new one, is an advantage that represents a form of recycling. This is another reason that both collectors and fashion enthusiasts purchase vintage hats.

These two paragraphs were taken from a more extensive article at “Your Guide to Buying Vintage Womens Hats @ eBay hats.

We have some lovely Vintage Womens Hats in our eBay Store Connectibles.  For example here are a few.

hat1 hat2 hat3


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Antique Ullman Victorian Color Print 1898 Letter To Papa Orig Frame 23×20 Mount

Ullman 4We’re selling a wonderful local collection of original Ullman Manufacturing Company photo prints, each in their original frame under glass. Known in late 1800’s and early 1900’s, they were the originators of “Photo-color” prints, taking classic works of art and copyrighting and hand coloring their images. We are delighted to have found so many wonderful examples; they look great in groupings and we’re happy to combine shipping for extra savings if size permits.
We also have their original catalogues, so were able to actually reference name and Ullman 3number of each work of art.

Featuring here a striking 1898 print titled “A Letter To Papa”, reference number 535.   Sweet image, Victorian girl is working on a letter to her Papa with her Mama’s guidance.


  • Image size 20″ x 16″, framed size substantial 23″ x 20″.
  • This was offered on the green mount as shown.
  • Print is excellent.
  • Original frame was built with multiple layers of molding. Outermost layer has some damage to a few of the scrolls but still works very well on display.

This Photo Print and many other Ullman Victorian Color Prints are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.



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Orlando 6/0 Fishing Reel Ocean City Manufacturing Big Game Rare Excellent

reel 1WOW – What a Beautiful Vintage Big Game Saltwater Fishing Reel – The Orlando 6/0 Fishing Reel Manufactured by the Ocean City Manufacturing Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please check the pictures closely for the condition, it is a beauty for its age – Made in the 1930’s and sold with a lifetime warranty.

The advertising for this Reel in the 1930’s stated –  “The Orlando Reel is the finest ever made, is constructed for heavy duty and will last a lifetime. The reel has a heavy Bakelite side plates and the frame and base is made from German Silver and is Heavily Chromium Plated. One of its special features is that all the action is controlled by the Star Drag on the Handle.”

If you have any questions about this special reel, do not hesitate to ask.  You can see this special reel in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Vintage Music Box Lucite Piano Sankyo “I’d Like To Teach World To Sing” Coca Cola Video

PianoMissing Mad Men now that the show has ended? Relive the dramatic moment when Don Draper supposedly creates this song “I’d like to teach the world to sing” for Coca Cola!

We’re selling an interesting group of vintage wind-up music boxes from an avid local collector; charming pieces, each with a video showing you the mechanical movement and the song & sound.

Featuring here a Lucite Music Box in the shape of a Grand Piano, Sankyo Japan mechanism. Plays “I’d Like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony” when lid is raised.

Classic award winning song written for the 1971 Coca Cola Ad by Macann-Erickson. 

Excellent condition. 

6-1/2″ x 4-3/4″ x 3″ with lid closed.

Take a look at the video below:

Look at this, plus other music boxes in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Tindales Jewelers Lot 6 Sterling Silver Spoons Hand Hammered Australian Flowers Vintage

SpoonsIn excellent condition, a beautiful set of 6 Sterling Silver Espresso Sized Spoons (4″). The Spoons are Hand Hammered and each has a different Australian Plant designed into the top of the Handle. They have a card included with the set that is from Tindales Jewelers in Perth Australia. The Hallmark is an “H” Anchor Shape “M”. The Flowers and Plants depicted are as follows:

  • Kangaroo Paw
  • Spider Orchid
  • Qualup Bell Plant
  • Boronia Plant
  • Donkey Orchid
  • Sturt’s Desert Pea
  • Weight 58 gramsspoons 2

Please examine pictures closely to appreciate the beautiful design and craftsmanship displayed with this set of spoons.  This beautiful set of Sterling Silver Spoons are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Steiff LE Black 1961 Ebony Teddy Bear Replica Growler 17″ COA Box Mohair + Video

BearPre-owned nearly-new condition Steiff Ebony Black 1961 Replica Original Teddy Bear Growler. Limited Edition, ours is number 197 with certificate of Authenticity.

  • 17″
  • Glass Eyes
  • Mohair
  • Growler, works great
  • Original box and papersSteiff

Throughout Steiff’s history, black bears have been among the least common produced. In fact, black Teddy bears account for less than 1 in 10 of all Steiff Teddy bears manufactured. That makes our rare 1961 Teddy bear replica extra special. He is a member of the elite group of ebony bears that capture the attention of serious collectors everywhere. Based on the classic, and widely popular, “Original Teddy bear” pattern used during 1950’s-1966’s period, this replica is truly something special. His black mohair is rich and dense.  Watch our Video: 

Steiff LE Black 1961 Ebony Teddy Bear.  This and many other Teddy Bears are available in our eBay Store Connectible.

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KoKin Couture Runway Hat NWT Magnin Vtg Sculptural Avant Garde Deco Church + Video

KokinOne of the most unusual and remarkable couture hats we’ve ever offered.  Noted couture deisgner KoKin, milliner to the stars and featured in many museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  You can find his complete biography online and I guarantee you will find his clientele more than impressive!
Our hat is more than a hat – it’s a runway statement piece, sort of a head-piece work of art that is sculptural and  modern. Black velvet, firm gold mesh (possibly horsehair) trimmed in gleaming iridescent crystal rhinestones. I am dating this to late 1980’s, early 1990’s. I Magnin closed in 1992. We have a 360 degree spin below; you can start & stop the spin by swiping so you can look closely at all the details.  Find this beautiful hat and many others in our eBay Store Connectibles.

  •  Original I. Magnin New York price tag of $405 still attached from 25 years ago!
  •  New unworn condition. May need a slight steaming of the mesh from storage but that’s it. 
  •  22″ around circumference, 6″ high crown, 10″ to top in front. 
  •  Kokin Couture – for the woman who truly wants to turn heads!
  • See our video here:

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Antique Log Cabin Quilt Mid 1800’s Provenance 75″x74″ Outstanding Quality – Video Below

quiltWe are honored to be presenting an outstanding nearly Museum Quality antique quilt that we found at a local estate in Connecticut.

Antique Log Cabin quilt sewn in mid-1800’s with provenance on typed papers that were found pinned to the quilt and remain pinned to it. Former owner Kathryn Downer Mangam  displayed it in Quilt Shows  and described it as made by her great-grandmother Walker, foster mother of Kathryn’s grandfather Burke.quilt 2

Measures 75″ x 74″, fabrics include richly colored wool plaids and cottons.

There are basically two square styles that are placed around the quilt in different directions, creating a striking and dramatic full pattern as seen in photos.

The condition is exceptional with only a few small holes and a few mild areas of discoloration on the red print backing. The binding trim is tight and very dramatic.

Overall this is nearly a Museum Quality piece that we are honored to present. Please see video to hear more details:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdRWrSzWk0Q

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