Edison Diamond Disc Records 50843 Old Home Songs Christmas Carols Bells of Old Trinity

EdisonWe recently acquired a very large collection of Antique (1912 – 1929) Edison Diamond Disc records.  Featured here is Record Number 50843. 

These records appears to be in very good condition, although we are unable to play them since we do not have the special phonograph that is required.  This record must be played on a Diamond Disc player or it will destroy the record. This records has the following two songs:

- Old Home Songs – very The Bells of Old Trinity New York – Chimes Played by William B. Murray.

- Christmas Carols – The Bells of Old Trinity New York – Chimes Played by William B. Murray.

Many other title available in our eBay Store Connectibles.


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1960’s Custom Leather Luggage Car Warren VW Beetle Volkswagen Suitcase 2 pc Set

vwWe’re delighted to be offering a rare and difficult to find set of 2 suitcases that were designed in the 1960’s as a custom set for the owner’s Volkswagen Beetle car.  These were made in the US, they were not made by VW themselves. I show the stock photo to give you an idea of where it was suggested that the suitcases be placed; our set is NOT the set in the photo, it was custom designed.  Interesting even if you do not own a Bug; these are high quality vintage suitcases that look great on their own.

Please take the measurements and compare to your own car to be confident they will fit if you want to use in your car; we are not certain which exact models they work in. 

Made by Warren, brown leather outside. 

Measure 32″ x 16-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ each

Original keys and lock which we did not try.

Excellent overall condition except leather has been in storage for decades with some light scuffs on outside and you might want to wipe down with leather cleaner. Inside is very clean with minimum wear, slightly dusty as well but nothing that detracts.

Classy and Classic!

From our research we have found information that these were designed to individually be put under the front hood, OR stored together behind the seat as shown in last photo. 

I’ve been told as well that they fit best in a 1962-1965 VW Beetle but you can check the measurements and see if they work for you!

Hard to find, great to have 2 together. Each has a monogram on the side; two different styles, may be that one is for the lady and he other for the gent! Either way, they are wider and thinner than traditional suitcases.

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Coalport China Mug Hunting Scene England 2 Mug Set Equestrian Fox Hunt Dogs 4″ Cup

coalportGreat equestrian theme pattern on Coalport China Mug “Hunting Scene”, made in England. 

  • New condition
  • 4″ tall, flat bottom
  • Fox hunt scene, dogs, horses – this cup has it all! 

 You are purchasing 2 at a time.  Please look at this and other pottery items available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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1930s Hollywood Regency Cigarette Mechanical Dispenser Vintage Lotus Vtg Art Deco

cig1Every once in awhile we see something that is thoroughly entertaining AND highly collectible! This listing features such an item. 1930’s Hollywood Regency Art Deco mechanical cigarette dispenser sits on your cocktail table looking like a lovely two-tone Lotus Flower. When it’s time for your cocktail party, just push down on the top and … voila! The petals slowly open to reveal your cigarettes, each in it’s own little holder.cig2

We are showing it with empty rolling paper and will include them with the dispenser. Looks so fabulous just as it is! 

Approx 9″ x 10″ when opened, brass and white contrasting petals. Substantial weight. 

VERY good overall condition with some scuffs and rubs to the finish; mechanism works wonderfully as you can see below in our video. 

Whether you like Mad Men or Clark Gable and Carole Lombard,  if you’re into vintage and retro style you’ll want to add this to your decor!  Just ask yourself, when are you going to see another one?! Take a look at our video to see it in action.  This and many other collectibles are available in our eBay store Connectibles.

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Straight Arrow Fury Golden Nugget 1950’s Picture Ring Nabisco Shredded Wheat

SA2Pre-owned Straight Arrow and his Palomino Fury Golden Nugget Picture Ring, 1950 promotion from Nabisco Shredded Wheat Cereal. Look into the cave entrance and inside is a photo of Straight Arrow and his horse; kids could send in their own picture and it was placed in the middle of the photo so it looked like they were with Straight Arrow and Fury in the picture.SA

Ours has a little boy in the center of the photo! Adjustable, gold dipped metal. Some wear to the finish but overall very good condition and a great collectible! We’re including a stock photo of the original AD that ran with the promotion.  This and many other toy collectibles are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Howard Finster Rare Signed Art of Mickey Mouse In Kid’s World Print Disney REM

MickeyWe are delighted to be offering a rare signed print by Howard Finster (1916-2001), a popular American outsider artist and Baptist minister.  First known for his collaborative work for the rock band R.E.M, his whimsical designs and his biography are fascinating.

Titled “Howard Finster Puts Mickey Mouse In a Kid’s World“, Finster was one of many contemporary artists who were asked to design a work of art commemorating iconic Mickey Mouse.  The original work of the artists were published in a book “The Art Of Mickey Mouse.” mickey2

This print is one of approx 50 ONLY rare prints that were personally hand signed by the artist on Mickey’s foot while he was at the Walt Disney Art Gallery; not to be confused with the larger run of unsigned prints that are more readily available. 

Highest quality photo-lithograph on heavy paper. 

22″ x 24″ 

Condition is excellent with only a few small areas with very mild creases that were hard to show in photos due to the extremely detailed whimsical design that makes it nearly impossible see any issues. Take a look at the photo of the back to see the areas.

I could find only one other for sale on the internet for $2500, mint. We are offering ours at a fraction of that price. 

Finster’s works is getting more and more recognition since his death in 2001; here’s a charming example of both HIS unique vision and beloved iconic Mickey!  This and many other Disney collectibles are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Ideal Patti Playpal Doll 1960 & Orig Box Blonde Pulled-Back Hair, Modern Dress

PattiPP Gorgeous pre-loved Patti Playpal Doll 1960 Ideal 35″ Companion Doll, with beautiful high color. Blonde pull-back hairstyle, super-clean doll in her original box.

She’s wearing her original shoes but is in a custom made replacement dress,slip,panties and socks. All are in excellent condition.

PattiPP2Terrific display doll. She can stand alone well but is somewhat loosely strung so needs to be positioned. Arms hold most poses.

Box shows wear and tear but is always fun to find with the doll.  Find this and many other vintage dolls in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Ernst Bohne Antique Gnome Figural Candle Holder Set 2 Candlestick Black Forest


We are delighted to offer one of the most interesting antique sets of candle holders that we have ever found. 7″ tall each, marked on bases with Ernst Bohne Sogne (sons) blue anchor stamp dating from approx 1856-1900’s Germany.  In addition each has “EBS” stamp and number 312 inside the base.

Fantastically detailed Gnome woodsmen are climbing onto “faux” stag horn trees on the lookout for something wonderful!  The details on the figures are outstanding; so much so that it took several looks to determine these weren’t actually carved wood but fine porcelain. Lots of photos to see details.

  • German black forest type motif, these are “statement” pieces that will be the standout of your display or collection.
  • Condition overall is excellent, only imperfections are on the top candle holder part of the Gnome with the lantern – there is a tiny chip on rim, and the top has been expertly repaired with a few visible cracks. These do not detract from how well these display. 
  • Unique opportunity to add these to your collection; unlikely to surface again.

This and many other unique collectibles can be found in our ebay store connectibles.

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Prince Purple Rain Vintage Promo 32 oz Footed Glass Goblet Movie Album Tour Rare

Purple RainArtist PRINCE “Purple Rain” vintage nearly 7″ tall large footed glass, holds a whopping 4 cups of liquid. 3-1/2″ across, wide-mouth.

Possibly a promotional mug from his 1984 Prince Purple Rain Tour or a promotion for the album or the movie; I could find no others available online.

Glass is clear; I put white paper inside to show off the bright purple graphics. Thick and substantial glass.
New Condition.  Available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Amazing Vintage Doll & Clothing Collection – Cissy, Cissette, Patti Playpal, Miss Revlon, Jill, Chatty Cathy

We recently acquired an Amazing Vintage Doll Collection that are in Excellent to Very Good Condition.  In addition, we also have many original dresses to go along with most of these dolls.  Feast your eyes on these Bevy of Beauties….

Chatty Cissy Jill MAC Patti Revelon

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