Olszewski Goebel Miniatures Nativity Complete Set 1st Edition Lighted Base

Goebel 2Complete set of the retired Goebel Miniatures Nativity Series, created by designer Olszewski.

All pieces in excellent “as-new” condition; First Edition set with light for evening viewing. No boxes. Includes:Goebel

  • Camel with Tender: Mark 409 – P, hand painted bronze, 1/38″ x 2″ x 1″
  • Mother and Child: Mark 400-P, hand painted bronze, 1-1/8″ x 1″ x 3/8″
  • Joseph: Mark 401-P, hand painted bronze, 1-1/2″ x 3/8″ x 5/8″
  • Stable Donkey: 402-P, hand painted bronze, 1-1/8″ x 7/8″ x 1/2″
  • Joyful Cherubs: 403-P, hand painted bronze. This piece is NOT a standalone, it is made to fit into the Holy Family Display and has been attached by former owner (likely with wax.)
  • Holy Family Display: Mark 982-D, hand painted resin, 3-3/8″ x 2-5/8″ x 2-5/8″
  • 3 Glass Domes 4″ high
  • King 1 – Melchoir: Mark 404-P, hand painted bronze, 1-1/8″ x 3/4″ x 1/2″
  • King 2 – Balthazar: Mark 405-P, hand painted bronze, 1-1/2″ x 7/16″ x 1/2″
  • King 3 – Caspar: Mark 406-P, hand painted bronze, 1-5/16″ x 5/8″ x 1/2″
  • Three Kings Display: Mark 987-D, hand painted resin, 3-3/8″ x 2-5/8″ x 2-5/8″
  • Nativity Landscape with Bulb, Extension Cord, Wood Base: Mark 991-D, hand painted resin, 12″ x 3-1/2″ x 5-3/4″, light works perfectly.
  • Nativity Angel: Mark 407-P, hand painted bronze, 1.5″ 

You are purchasing this entire 17 piece set, excellent nearly-new condition. Includes 9 gs Display, electric cord with bulb. Some of these pieces sell for upwards of 200-300 dollars each but I want to keep the set together. Fantastic opportunity for a very special set by an extraordinary artist.  This and many other collectible items are available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Gund Plush Parson Puppy Dog Jack Russell Terrier 13070 Stuffie Toy Retired 15″

GundWe are selling a large group of charming Gund plush animals, all in nearly-new condition having just been on display with no play time.  Featuring here Parson, Jack Russell Terrier dog, retired style 13070.  As new condition, was used only on display.

Classic face, adorable representation of this popular breed.  15″ wide, larger size of this style.  Here are two more from the lot.  Please go to our eBay Store Connectibles to see the entire lot.


Gund 3

Gund 2

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Jennings Brothers Vintage 1930’s Norwich Terrier Art Deco Copper Dog Figure JB

We’re selling a wonderful group of Jennings Brothers antique and vintage metalwork, fresh to market from a local collector. Please look at photos for details. Dog

Featuring here a very handsome Norwich Terrier dog, 1930’s Art Deco, richly colored copper plating on cast metal.

  • Size:  2-1/2″ x 1-1/2″
  • Condition: Excellent  
  • Mark: Unsigned
  • Metal Plating: Copper


Also shown is a 3 piece Altar Set including a table top Crucifix (unmarked) and 2 candleJB holders or small vases, marked JB 2414. Pot metal with beautiful copper plating applied. 

  • Size: Crucifix is 10″
  • Condition: Very good with only light wear to the copper plating. Inside of candle holders have darkened and the finish has some wear.  
  • Mark: JB 2414 on the candle holders.
  • Metal Plating: Copper

Please find these and many other Jennings Brothers other Metalwork items in our eBay store Connectibles.


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Jennings Brothers Manufacturing Company


1903   JENNINGS BROTHERS MANUFACTURING CO, BRIDGEPORT  The Jennings Brothers Manufacturing Company located at Bridgeport, Conn. USA, is one of the leading and most enterprising manufacturing concerns in Connecticut; it began business in the year 1890, occupying to begin with, less space for its entire business, than it now utilizes for office room alone. The hard work, aggressive and sagacious management, combined with liberality and fidelity in dealing with customers, has won for The Jennings Brothers Manufacturing Company a clientage and reputation equaled by few and excelled by none.

Its business is the manufacture of clocks, in metal cases, candelabra, art metal and silver plated flatware. Among the numerous finishes applied to its many designs and large variety of goods made, is its Ormolu gold plate which is manufactured exclusively by this company, and marketed under the trademark J. B. “Ormolu gold.” This finish is the most beautiful and durable of any similar gold finish made, and is the result of years of investigation and experiments, and is now acknowledged to excel anything produced here or abroad.

Bronze finishes are also produced, and are most popular, as applied to art goods: their many dainty colorings perfect and bring out the artistic features and detail of the designs, to which it is most appropriately applied. These goods are in competition with imported goods of French manufacture, and are sold under the name of “Nouveau Bronze” or “Art Nouveau,” which is at present so much in vogue. French grey silver, and old brass finishes are also applied to novelties in candelabra, inks, trays, etc., and make most pleasing objects of art and utility. Silver plated flatware is sold under the company’s exclusive trade mark, “1890 Jennings Bros.,” and in each package is furnished a certificate of guarantee that the goods are as represented, or purchase money refunded. Such a guarantee gives some idea of the integrity of the company’s dealings with its customers. On such products as are not sold under one of the regular trade-marks when practicable, the initials “J. B.” appear on the article, for the purpose of identifying the company’s product.

Reference:  You can read more about the Jennings Brothers at –  http://www.jewelboxbook.com/newsletter/?page_id=684



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Fashion Dolls a Definition and Short History – From Wikipedia

Fashion DollFashion dolls are dolls primarily designed to be dressed to reflect fashion trends. They are manufactured both as toys for children to play with and as collectibles for adult collectors. The dolls are usually modeled after teen girls or adult women, though child, male, and even some non-human variants exist. Contemporary fashion dolls are typically made of vinyl or another plastic.

The earliest fashion dolls were French bisque dolls from the mid-19th Jumeau07acentury. Barbie was released by the American toy-company Mattel in 1959, and was followed by many similar vinyl fashion dolls intended as children’s toys. The size of the Barbie, 11.5 inches (290 mm) set the standard often used by other manufacturers. But fashion dolls have been made in many different sizes varying from 10.5 inches (270 mm) to 36 inches (900 mm).

Costumers and seamstresses use fashion dolls as a canvas for their work. Customizers repaint faces, reroot hair, or do other alterations to the dolls themselves. Many of these works are one-of-a-kind. These artists are usually not connected to the original manufacturers and sell their work to collectors.

History and Types

The earliest bisque dolls from French companies were fashion dolls. These dominated the market between approximately 1860 and 1890.[1] They were made to represent grown up women and intended for children of affluent families to play with and dress in contemporary fashions.[1] These dolls came from companies like Jumeau, Bru, Gaultier, Rohmer, Simone and Huret, though their heads were often manufactured in Germany.[1] In the Passage Choiseul area of Paris an industry grew around making clothing and accessories for the dolls.[1] Child like bisque dolls appeared in the mid-19th century and overtook the market towards the end of the century.[1]

Barbie was launched by the American toy-company Mattel in 1959, inspired by the German Bild Lilli doll. Barbie has been an important part of the toy fashion doll market for fifty years.

Many fashion doll lines have been inspired by Barbie, or launched as alternatives to Barbie. Tammy was created by the Ideal Toy Company in 1962.[2] Advertised as “The Doll You Love to Dress”, Tammy was portrayed as a young American teenager, more “girl next door” than the cosmopolitan image of Barbie.[2] Sindy was created by the British Pedigree Dolls & Toys company in 1963 as a rival to Barbie with a wholesome look. In the late 1960s and early 1970s Ideal Toy Company released several larger fashion dolls with hair with adjustable length. The Crissy Doll and friends are 16″ and Velvet Doll and friends are 18″. British designer Mary Quant‘s Daisy doll from 1973 had a large selection of contemporary 70s fashion designed by Quant.

Fulla is marketed to children of Islamic and Middle-Eastern countries as an alternative to Barbie. The concept of her evolved around 1999, and she hit stores in late 2003.[3] Bratz were released in 2001, designed by Carter Bryant and manufactured by California toy company MGA Entertainment.[4] They are distinguished by large heads with skinny bodies and lush, glossy lips.[4] Mattel introduced the My Scene line in 2002 and the Flavas line in 2003 to rival Bratz.[5][6][7] In 2010 Mattel launched the Monster High doll line, based from fantasy and horror monsters. In 2014, artist Nickolai Lamm unveiled Lammily,[8] a fashion doll based on Lamm’s study comparing Barbie’s figure with measurements matching those of an average 19-year old woman.[9]

Asian fashion dolls are made by Asian manufacturers and primarily targeted to an Asian market. Blythe dolls with oversized heads and color changing eyes were originally made by American company Kenner but are now produced by Japanese company Takara. Another doll with an oversized head, Pullip, was created in 2003 in Korea. Japanese fashion dolls marketed to children include Licca (introduced in 1967) and Jenny (introduced in 1982) by Takara Tomy.

In the mid-1990s dolls like Gene Marshall from Ashton-Drake, Tyler Wentworth from Tonner and Alexandra Fairchild Ford from Madame Alexander appeared. They are between 15.5 and 16 inches (395 and 410 mm,) larger than other common fashion dolls. These dolls are mostly marketed to adult collectors.

Since we sell a lot of Fashion Dolls in our eBay Store Connectibles, we thought this article would be of interest to some of our customers.

This Post was taken from a Wikipedia Page and can be found with references HERE.


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Modern Art Painting on Canvas, Listed Artist Jane Lubin, Endangered Species

LubinBeautiful painting signed by listed artist Jane R Lubin, MD.  Biography below. 

Acrylic on canvas, excellent as-new condition.

Title is “Endangered Species” (can read those words in the background); statement piece contrasting the built up environment & pollution that displaces birds & wildlife who drink in water with Coke cans and tossed garbage.

Beautifully done, ready to frame.  22″ x 30″.

You can go to her website at Lubin Art and see her extensive biography.  Her current works are selling for up to $2000 as you can see at her site; we’re delighted to offer these at a fraction of that price. 

We have 3 of her works in total listed; they are beautiful individually as well as in a grouping. 

Look at photos closely to see the layers of images that are intertwined throughout the work. Every time I look I see something new! Dramatic and unique artist and we’re delighted to offer these.


Jane Lubin is a mixed media artist whose work spans several genres. She works in acrylic painting, collage, digitally manipulated photographic collage, and polymer clay to make jewelry. As an eye surgeon by training, she has always had a fascination with anatomical shapes, and does not mind working at a microscopic level, and in small spaces!

Dr. Lubin has shown her work at the regional, national and international levels. She has done juried and solo shows in Connecticut, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Rhode Island, California and Michigan. As president of the Women’s Caucus for Art—Connecticut Chapter, she has curated area group shows, including a collaborative installation at the University of New Haven’s Seton Gallery and a show at the Fairfield Arts Council for the Women’s Caucus for Art. As a Westport resident and member of the Westport Arts Center, she has had a solo show at Westport Arts Center (2006), a solo show in the Director’s Gallery at Fairfield Arts Council, and served as chairperson of the WAC solo shows this year, as well as juror of the Westport Downtown Merchants Association Summer Arts Festival Available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Noblet 45 France Vintage LeBlanc Clarinet 1963 Completely Refurbished, Case

ClarinetPictured here is a wonderful vintage Noblet 45 LeBlanc Clarinet in original case, Paris France.

Has just been completely refurbished by a professional instrument repairman who declared it in excellent condition, plays beautifully. We don’t play so can’t add any more to that description, but we trust him! Have included a photograph showing the receipt of payment of $275 for all the refurbishing and reconditioning that he did and we will include that with the clarinet.

All pieces have same number, 35489, dating to approx 1963.

Highest quality, 26-1/2″ tall, excellent condition.

LeBlanc accessories in the original leather and velvet-lined case. Assume the oils are no longer potent, but interesting to have.

Excellent example of a fine intermediate to advanced level clarinet.

Available in our eBay Store Connectibles.

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Vintage Collection Lot 5 Czech Paper Mache Puppets by Munzbergo Vy Loutky

puppetsCharming lot of 5 antique Czech puppets, paper mache uniquely sculpted faces, hand painted  loosely jointed wooden and mache body and original fabric costumes.

 Attached to metal rod with wooden handle and strings; many strings are disconnected but can  be replaced if you wish. Generally very good to excellent condition otherwise.

 Logo on wood handle AMP, Munzbergo Vy Loutky.

 7-8″ tall each for the puppet without the rod.

HISTORY: During the early 20th century, the tradition of puppet theater in Eastern Europe was  thriving, and small theater groups were formed in many villages. These were from such a  theater group originally.  CHARMING for display, can be seated or hung. 

 Puppets are numbered on the back of the wood. All have at least one limb still attached with the string, some have more. VERY expressive faces.   These and other puppets are available in our eBay store connectibles.

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Vintage Glass Beaded Lamp Shade Chandelier Sconce ONE Ormalu French Czeck 5″

Lamp ShadeGorgeous pre-owned glass beaded fringe style lamp shades for wall sconces, chandeliers, table lamps. These are 5″ long with the fringe, 3″ across at the top, clip on clamp.

Beautiful iridescent glass beads are gleaming!

French ormalu type metal filigree work on the bands, unmarked. Likely French or Czechoslovakian.

We have a total of 7 of these beautiful shades.  These are available in our eBay Store connectibles.


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Vintage Paddington Bear 5 pc Lot Soft Huggable Plush Eden Rattle Sears Musical

PaddingtonWe are ready for the Paddington Movie craze to start.  We already have a nice group of Vintage Paddingtons in our eBay store connectibles.  These are the originals, not new reproductions.

We’re selling a charming group of vintage Paddington Bears, fresh from local collection. Featured here is a lot of five vintage soft, squishy Paddingtons, great for the younger set over age 3!  Most are made by Eden Toys Inc.

Includes velour style rattle with handle and a roly-poly Sears style with musical bell inside.  Overall very good with some surface wear; washing instructions on tush tags if you’d like to freshen.   Tallest is 10″. Fun lot for play or display.

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