Chilmark Mosbys April Fool Sculpture FJ Barnum Artist Signed LE Civil War Video

We’re selling an interesting group of Chilmark fine pewter Civil War 3 Dimensional Pewter Sculptures.  Each sculpture is designed AND signed in gold ink by artist Francis J. Barnum. 2005 limited edition of 500, ours is numbered 76 / 500 on the base. Sculptures are approximately 5″ tall, and mounted on a 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ wooden display base. Great to have the artist signature as a bonus!

This listing features Mosby’s April Fool commemorating Confederate Colonel John S Mosby and sixty nine of his Partisan Rangers defeating a superior Union force at Miskel’s Farm in Northeast Virginia on April Fools Day in 1863.

When Union Captain Henry C. Flint and 150 troopers from the 1st Vermont Cavalry attacked with sabers and bayonets, Mosby’s Rangers aggressively counterattacked on horseback employing Colt 44 caliber revolvers with deadly effect. The added firepower of the revolvers and the ferocity of the Confederate attack resulted in Union Casualties of 8 killed, 22 seriously wounded and 83 prisoners captured. As Mosby rode past, one Union trooper called out to him… “You have played a nice April Fool!”.

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Mosby April Fool

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