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Connectibles…. The Matching Place for Collectibles

Several years ago I retired from a rewarding 40 year career as a marriage counselor and am absolutely delighted to now have a full-time presence on eBay!  We’ve been buying and selling on eBay since 1998.  In fact, naming our store connectibles came from the realization that we were starting to look at our eBay listings as a “matchmaking” service — connecting you, the buyer, with that special collectible that we were fortunate to have discovered!

We love the “search” for interesting antique and vintage pottery and glassware, WPA and mid-century art, vintage dolls or toys that have been hidden away, and then the delight in hearing from happy buyers who have added these finds to their homes and their hearts.

My husband Bill and I consider ourselves modern day “TREASURE HUNTERS,” as we search throughout the New England area for the unusual and unique item you need to complete your collection.  We also offer MANY lines of new inventory that we consider to be particularly collectible or of interest – if we like it, you probably will too!  Do let us know if there is a particular item you’d like us to be on the look-out for!

I may not find the perfect “mate,” but I can hopefully help find you your heart’s desire in locating that unique item you’ve been searching for.

This blog will serve as a communication with our customers and followers as we continue to find unique and interesting item to show you from the greater New England area.

We sell a lot of dolls, but below are our real baby dolls – our granddaughters.

Maida & Bill

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